The Blockchain Developer Hackathon

Who: Developers, engineers or hackers with a passion for building a blockchain solutions. This event is not for recruiters, business development professionals or wannnapreneurs looking for a co-founder. Your Devpost portfolio will be evaluated prior to acceptance.  

What: A community led blockchain developer event. Blockhack will bring together a group of blockchain developers to develop Blockchain applications over a course of 48 hours. 

  Where: Hack Temple    When: March 24-26, 2017   How: $75 per person is all it takes to get in.  Register here!   This is a winner-take-all event. The winning team will get a cash prize paid in BTC.   

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We are accepting 50 hackers to this event.  We will be reviewing participants DevPost portfolios.  Participants are not required to have Blockchain projects but must be accomplished developers.

Refunds will be given to any developers that do not make the top 50 participants.  Refunds will not be given to recruiters and biz dev reps that do not follow the event requirements.


The primary requirement is that the team submissions must have a Blockchain application.  Application is up to the imagination and discretion of the teams.  We are looking for creative and impactful ideas that can be transformed into MVP and prototype applications.

The following are suggested technology ideas. Tech ideas:  Golang  Node  Tendermint PoW  Cosmos Internet of Blockchains  IBM Hyperledger  Coinbase API  Purse Bcoin  Blockstack  Velocity Pricegeth  Protip


Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson
VP/Founder Plug & Play FinTech

Jae Kwon

Jae Kwon
Founder Tendermint

Brett Noyes

Brett Noyes

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Difficulty
    Teams will be judged on the difficulty of their project.
  • Big Idea
    Teams will be judged on the creativity and scope of their project.
  • Execution
    This is a hackathon. We want to see what you built. Do not present a white paper, PPT, etc. Build something cool. That is why we are here.